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Tony and the Marlin

I have to share this with a few friends, I took 5 people fishing for a 3 day  weekend, Jen my girl friend, Sara Bratcher (local) and her boy friend Troy Hartman, Crag Gerard and Eliana.

We looked for Tuna the first day, went about 44 miles south into Mexico waters, found a great looking area, lots of bait, dolphins and other life, spent all day trolling for zero fish! But I knew the area was good, it looked really fishy.  The water was  really calm so we spent the night at sea in the middle of an area I wanted to fish the next day (now 75 miles from home). We awoke early and started fishing, mid day we caught a few Albacore tuna on the troll (always a great sign, now we can't be skunked for the trip), all nice fish between 24 and 30 pounds. We found an area where all the big party boats from San Diego were fishing. About 4 in the afternoon we started catching fish 2-3 at a time while trolling and then we would throw bait out and hook a few more fish. This went on for a couple of hours. Having a fairly in-experienced  crew we were losing many of the fish we hooked! At the end of the day we had 13 tuna and 1 yellowtail on board, and we counted at least 10 fish lost!! A really fun day of fishing. We weighed the largest Albacore, 37 pounds!! The largest  albacore we have boated on the "No Worries".
   The last night we went back to the area we fished the first day, and spent the night out at sea, we awoke with  a plan to catch a marlin on our way back home. At first light we we started trolling with 5 marlin lures out. Within an hour we had one reel start screaming, we stopped the boat I put Craig Gerard on the rod. At first, I thought we might have hooked a yellowfin tuna I had heard there were some in the area. Craig yells I just saw something big jump!!!! That means marlin!!!
We cleared the cockpit, and organized the team we had on board for the fight. The fish started jumping at first a long long ways out, I would estimate at least 100 yards away, everyone was surprised that was our fish. We chase the fish with the boat  to help Craig get some line back. an hour later we got the fish near the boat for some great jumps, as we had 3 people with cameras firing away. I put Jen on the boat controls and showed her how to steer the boat backwards using the transmissions. This involves standing backward facing the back of the boat with your arms behind you and your hands on the controls. After 10 minutes of coaching I let her take the controls fully.
Another 20 minutes later we have the fish within 20 to 30 feet from the boat. The fish jumped up and tail walked three times  for a great visual display! When we got the fish within 20 feet of the boat I jumped down to leader the fish, Jen at the controls, Craig on the rod , and me ready with gloves on.  As we got the swivel attaching the main line to the leader near the rod tip,  I grabbed the leader (20 ft long 400 pound mono leader). The fish tried to out run the boat a few times, I had Jen go both trannys in forward, we kept the boat moving forward as I pulled the leader closer and closer to the boat. All the time I was ready to let go of the leader if the fish jetted away from the boat or got crazy on us. Now the marlin alongside the boat, I reached down and grabbed his bill, always an exciting second of time, I am holding onto a estimated 160 pound fish, still very much alive and pissed off!!  I had someone hand me the alum club and I subdued the marlin with a few ear ringing, skull crashing blows!! I had Craig grab the bill and we pulled the fish on board!! A beautiful stripped marlin. Fighting time about 1 hour 20 minutes on 50 pound line. We took tons of photos, and headed for home at 20 knots!

We weighed the fish at the docks, 150 pounds! We probably lost a few pounds in the 3 hours it took to get home. In a couple of weeks we will be eating smoked marlin and marlin jerky. I will try to save some for the Sept event that many of you will be at.

What a trip, lots of tuna, and a marlin to top it all off.

Pictures to follow when I get them

So my weekend was a blast, so when are you guys coming fishing with me?